Why should I register for a tournament first?

When you see a tournament (or any event, really) that you are interested in doing but you see that nobody has registered for it, be the first to join! Be a trend setter and see what happens!

When may players see a tournament they don’t want to be the first to enter. They see that there isn’t any competition and therefore they don’t believe the tournament will “make”. A number of times they think, “If I sign up and nobody else does then I won’t get to play.” While this is true others may also be thinking the same thing. In many tournaments a minimum of 4 or 8 people is required for a draw to be made. (4 for a round robin and 8 for a small draw.)

If 8 people are “waiting” for someone else to enroll in any event, be it a tennis tournament or group lesson or whatever, then nobody actually moves forward and the event doesn’t happen.

All of this is especially true for higher level players. When a higher level player is the first to sign up for a tournament they often bring other higher level players with them, looking for a competitive event. If one higher level player doesn’t enroll first, then nobody will tend to join, but by being the first there is a much higher chance other high level players will join as well, making for a much more competitive tournament.