Policies and Procedures

Classes and Lessons

Any classes offered by Forehand Frenzy have to have a minimum of 3 students for the class to be considered “made”. If players enroll in a class and it doesn’t make every opportunity will be made to find another suitable class for the student. If another class cannot be found then the player will be refunded their enrollment fee.


Life happens and sometimes players need to cancel a lesson. Due to the busy nature of booking and lessons, advance notice must be given for a cancellation of a lesson. If a student fails to show to a lesson that is scheduled, or fewer than 24 hours is given to cancel a lesson, full payment will be charged for the lesson.


In the case of a class or group lesson, if a student cannot attend they will forfeit that lesson and will not receive a make-up to the class. In the cases below where a class is cancelled due to weather a make-up will be scheduled. If a player cannot attend a make-up time they will forfeit that lesson.


Due to various types of inclement weather, policies are in place to help ensure the health and safety of the players and the staff. Below are the policies for the various weather situations that occur.


Because of the unpredictable nature of rain lessons cannot always be guaranteed. There are a couple things to consider when it comes to rain. The first is, if it does rain the usual time it takes for tennis courts to dry, under optimal conditions (meaning sun and breeze or wind) is approximately two hours. So if it does rain it will usually take two hours before courts are cleared enough to be usable. When evaluating a court for playability rub your shoe on the lines of the court. If they feel slick then the court is unplayable. This is simply for safety that players don’t slide and fall on the court and causing potential injury.

When it comes postponing or cancelling lessons due to rain, unless it is clearly evident that rain will persist, decisions to cancel a lesson will be held at the last possible moment. Sometimes this means that a class will begin and rain will begin. In the event a lesson has started and it begins to rain the amount of time that has passed from the start of the lesson will determine if the students pays for the lesson or not. If less than half of the lesson has been completed then there will be no charge for the lesson. If more than half of the lesson has been completed then there will be a charge for the lesson.


Lightning has the same policy as rain when it comes to a lesson being charged, if half of the lesson has been completed then there will be a charge for the lesson. If less than half of the lesson has been completed then there will be no charge for the lesson.

In the event of lightning Forehand Frenzy will follow the 20/20 rule. Once lighting has been detected with 20 miles of the lesson location then lessons will be suspended. They will be suspended until such time as there are no lightning strikes within a 20 mile radius for over 20 minutes. This policy is in place to help ensure the safety of the students and instructors during a lightning storm.


Heat can cause a number of health issues with players. Most notably are heat stress and heat stroke. Adequate hydration can help to alleviate many of the symptoms of heat related issues it will not stop all problems. To help prevent injury caused by heat, policies are in place for lessons to be cancelled due to heat. Any temperatures with a heat index in excess of 110 degrees for zip code 79424 will cause lessons to be cancelled.


Like heat, cold can have a detrimental effect on players and in some cases, tennis equipment. When cold weather temperatures drop below freezing tennis balls will bounce differently. Human skin also has issues with wind chill temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Lessons will be cancelled in most cases when the wind chill falls below 32 degrees.