The Spring Lessons are scheduled to start May 3 and go for 4 weeks. (For example, 4 Mondays, 4 Tuesdays, etc.) The cost for each of the lesson series is $40.00 for the 4 weeks, payable upon registration. To sign up please click the Enroll Here for each of the classes you are interested in. By signing up you are agreeing to pay for the class.

Junior High Drills 1Monday 4:00May 3 StartEnroll Here
Strength and Footwork DrillsTuesday 4:00May 4 StartEnroll Here
Junior High Drills 2Wednesday 4:00May 5 StartEnroll Here
Junior High Drills 3Thursday 4:00May 6 StartEnroll Here
Other classes can be added as demand requires and time allows.
Make-ups for weather will be held on the Friday after the missed lesson.

Junior High Drills – Junior High Drills are practices that are scheduled for all levels of junior high students. The purpose of these drills is simply to get players more practice hitting tennis balls with other players. Players will practice many different types of strokes such as forehands, backhands, serves, volleys, overheads and approach shots. Players do not need to have a mastery of tennis skills as players of all skills are welcome. Players should have a racquet, a water bottle and wear tennis type attire such as tennis shoes (no flip flops, sandals, dress shoes or boots) and comfortable clothing.

Strength and Footwork Drills – Strength and footwork are both a necessity for players to win the game of tennis. These drills are designed for all levels of players, not just junior high school. Adults are also welcome to attend.

Strength – For the strength portion of these drills we will be utilizing weights that we add to the player’s racquet. These weights are supplied for the player during the drills. Players and parents can order these weights directly from the manufacturer. If a player decides to purchase one, use the discount code ff10s for a 10% discount. Edge Power Trainer

Footwork – For footwork we will be doing a number of different drills that will have players moving around both on and off the court. We will have ladders, cones and other materials available for the player to work around and get them moving around the court better.