Good Racquet Fit

Choosing the best tennis racquet can be a major undertaking. There is a vast variety of racquets to choose from coming from many different manufacturers. So which one is right for you? Tennis Warehouse ( has a great article on their website about different racquets and the fits and feels of them. You can find their article here.

To add to their article here is some advice for finding a racquet.

Weight – As explained in the article, weight is how much a racquet weighs. But how is this important? Why not just go with the lightest racquet you can find? The simple answer is physics. This analogy is a bit morbid but it works.

Imagine a compact car driving 60 miles per hour and it hits a brick wall. What happens? That car is totaled.
Now, imagine a semi truck hitting that same brick wall at 55 miles per hour. What happens? You maybe scratched the paint and the truck keeps going.
What is the difference? Mass!

Hitting a tennis ball is much like the truck or car hitting the wall. If you are using a lighter racquet then it will not impart as much power into the ball as there simply isn’t as much mass as a heavier racquet. Okay then, why not simply get the heaviest racquet then? Fatigue! Remember you have to play with this frame for the entire length of a match, or more, a tournament. Over time a heavier frame will make you tired faster. The suggestion is to find the heaviest racquet you can use for the amount of time you need to use it.

Racquet Upgrading – One suggestion for players is to play in a racquet that is slightly above their skill level. This will help them develop a better game in the long run. An example, you can drive a Ferrari and a Ford Escort in a school zone and neither will suffer from any issues. But if you take them both on a race track the Escort will start to show issues at higher speeds. The same is true for racquets. You can use a “player” racquet as a beginner (short of the weight described above) and it will perform just fine, however if you use a beginner racquet and you start to improve in your game then the racquet will end up holding you back.

Remember, for the absolute best fit, seek your tennis professional for advice. Also, many places allow you to demo racquets to help you find the best one for you. For advice on how to best demo a racquet, click here.