Bag Check

What is in your bag is many times as important as your racquets. They can be the difference between being able to finish a match or not, depending on what is there, or not. Below is a list of items I highly recommend you keep in your bag, some for match day, some for everyday.

Towel – A towel seems kind of self explanatory. Especially in the summer months sweat can become an issue. Being able to hold the racquet securely can be the difference between missed shots or great shots. Drying your hands off between points can become crucial.

Hat/Visor – Keep a hat of visor in your bag at all times. When playing outside during the day the sun can be a major impact on your game and being able to protect your eyes from the sun’s effect could be crucial to your ability to see the ball.

Sunglasses – Just like the hat or visor above, sunglasses help protect your eyes and make it easier to see the ball.
Sunscreen – This is another item that seems like it is self explanatory. This doesn’t have to do with your game overall but your health. Don’t skip the sunscreen.

Socks – You may not need an extra pair of socks during a practice session but during a weekend long tournament it is a good idea to have extra socks in your bag. Once a pair of socks gets sweat soaked there is a greater chance of getting blisters. By being able to change to a fresh pair you can let the others dry out or set aside for washing later.

Balls – This one seems like a no brainer but there are very many times players have showed up to tournaments and asked the site organizer for tennis balls to practice with. They don’t have any of their own in their bags. Keep a can of balls in your bag at all times so you can hit anytime/anywhere.

Band-Aids – Blisters and scratches occur in life and in tennis. Keeping a few band-aids in your bag can give you piece of mind, just in case.

Motrin – This is one that is generally recommended for older players but can also apply to younger players as well. Motrin’s two biggest functions are as a pain reliever and as an anti inflammatory agent. Injuries like sprained ankles or knees can benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties and the sooner they are applied they better the overall outcome. (This should not be construed to be medical advice. In case of serious injury, please consult a physician.)

Ace Bandage – This is just for emergencies like the above mentioned sprained ankle. Hopefully you will never have to use it but if you do, it’s nice to have on hand.

Pen/Marker – Have this ready to sign autographs for all your adoring fans! Actually this is necessary and goes hand in hand with the next entry, the 2 subject notebook.

2 Subject Notebook – This is not 100% necessary but highly suggested. Here is a link to another article to understand the 2 subject notebook.

If there is something you think was missed on this list, please email us at with your suggestion and we may add it to the list.